Due to COVID-19 I am currently only doing remote sessions.


Pinecone Healing

“Lindsay is a light in this world. Not only does she listen and make decisions thoughtfully, but she intently tunes into other’s energy and rhythms. As her client, I feel gratitude for her attention, response and encouragement—both genuine and natural. I trust her, and I don’t feel such confidence easy.”


“Lindsay has helped me see into the shadows and let go of what needs letting go.  Through her energy work, I have felt my body/spirit lifted and I am able to stay grounded for longer periods of time. I feel lucky to have such a wonderful  guide into this inner realm.”


“My work with Lindsay has opened my eyes to parts of my spirit about which I had always been curious. Through her guidance and powerful energy, I have felt a presence grounded in my own body and a centered energy that I’ve never before experienced. She is sincere, thoughtful, patient teacher and the work we have done has been life-altering in ways I wasn’t expecting. Largely thanks to this work, I feel as though I am making strides to let go of things that I didn’t need anymore and I am becoming a version of myself that is just exactly who I am supposed to be right now.”


"I had an amazing experience getting an aura reading from Lindsay! It was the first time I had done something like this. Lindsay was calm, clear, and focused throughout the session. Her insights were enlightening and profound. I also really appreciated that during our session she allowed me to ask questions to go deeper into the reading. I appreciate her insights, intuitiveness, and competence throughout our session."



Welcome to Pinecone Healing where we will explore, release, heal, evolve and journey together. 

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